Virus & Spyware Removal

We will remove all virus and spyware from your computers and provide you with a trusted Antivirus that will protect you from viruses and hackers.


Expertise you can count on to protect your computer

Do you worry about what might happen to your computer and important files if viruses, spyware and malware attacked your PC or laptop? Are you sure you aren’t already at risk for these common security issues?

If you use the Internet, chances are your home computer isn’t running optimally due to the presence of online threats like these. The experts at iTech Computers can detect, remove and secure your computer from the viruses and spyware that are slowing you down and infringing on your privacy.

Scan, detect, remove and set up further protection on your computer against viruses

Detect the infection of the virus or malware

Secure your data by setting up your firewall

Get Back The Control of Your PC After a Hack Attack


What is malware?

Malware is “malicious software,” which is an umbrella term that describes any malicious program or code that is harmful to systems. Malware does the damage after it is implanted or introduced in some way into a target’s computer and can take the form of executable code, scripts, active content, and other software. The main classifications are spyware, root-kits, adware, trojans, and ransomware.

Computer Virus

Like their biological namesakes, viruses attach themselves to clean files and infect other clean files. They can spread uncontrollably, damaging a system’s core functionality and deleting or corrupting files. They usually appear as an executable file (.exe) on Windows systems.


This kind of malware disguises itself as legitimate software, or can be hidden in legitimate software that has been tampered with. They usually act discreetly and create backdoors in your system to take data in or out.


Spyware is a type of malware designed to spy on you. It can capture and send data based on what sites you visit or what you type, including your passwords, credit card numbers, and more.


Worms infect entire networks by using network interfaces. It uses each consecutively infected machine to infect others.


 Is becoming more and more common. This kind of malware typically locks down your computer and your files, and holds hostage your data, or threatens to erase or made data public unless you pay a ransom.


Though not always malicious in nature, is software that automatically displays or downloads advertising material (often unwanted) when a user is online. It can be malicious or lead to malicious infections.


Botnets are networks of infected computers that perform work or attacks under the control of an attacker. They can be used to perform distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack), steal data, send spam, and allows the attacker to access the device and its connection.

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