Basic Network Setup

Our technicians have many years of experience when it comes to setting up cable networks for large and small size businesses.


Network Cabling Design, Installation and Support

Complete setup of Network Infrastructure, including design and Implementation, for cabling, telephones, LAN and more. A network is arguably one of, if not the, most critical technologies deployed by the Canadian business community. Information and communication is paramount is today’s economy. Having a robust and reliable network is crucial.

Cabling Supplies & Network Hardware

Help you Design your Cabling Project

Complete Cabling Project Management

Data and Voice Network Cabling

Network Setup

We can help set up your network.

Get professional cabling solutions from iTech Computers, our technicians have many years of experience and have seen just about everything when it comes to office or building cabling.

Network Design & Installation

Office Cabling

Office Relocation

Patch Panel Support

Server Rack Installation

Data Cabling Installation

Cable Management Services

Structured Cabling Services

Phone Cabling Installation

What is Cabling and Conduit

A cable contains two or more bonded, twisted, or braided wires running together forming a single unit. Using a cable, devices become connected to each other and/or the internet, allowing the transfer of electrical signals. Devices are often connected using an ethernet cable which looks like the above image.

Conduit is a pipe, tube or something similar which runs cabling through it. Structured Cabling and Conduit is otherwise known as telecommunications cabling infrastructure, comprised of one or more smaller cabling systems referred to as subsystems. Not all cabling requires conduit.

Cabling and/or conduit is used to connect devices such as computers, servers, multi-function devices, routers, switches, network equipment, VoIP phones, television, or other similar devices to each other and your high speed internet. Usually connected by an IT Service Provider like iTech Computers.

The installation of cabling and conduit is often necessary to setup an office. Of course, cabling solutions are not restricted to this purpose. Anyone could require the dropping of a single cable with or without conduit including residential users.

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